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Forex Education, taught right. Simple, step by step with no fluff. The first and last forex course you will ever need.

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Meet The Founder

Philip A. Anglade


We believe that people should live a life they are proud of…

A life that you can be able to say at the end “I lived it to the fullest”. Imagine a world where you can have zero boundaries; where you determine everything about your day. Where you are able to travel the world with friends and family and not use the word “vacation” because there is nothing to vacation from, you can call it “the all inclusive lifestyle”.

Our goal is to be able to help 10,000 people live this lifestyle and this is where you can start, by learning the world of Forex. Maybe you can be 1 of them.

A message from our Founder, Philip A. Anglade

The #YouAreTheIndicator Membership

The future vision in 4 phases

Exclusively for #YouAreTheIndicator Students

“We will gain Prosperity, have Fun, gain Fulfillment, and leave a Legacy. In that order.” - Philip A.

Phase #1

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#YouAreTheindicator Advanced Forex Course

First, you will become a #FxProNow with our Advanced Course.

Phase #2



We will celebrate our earnings together.

Phase #3



Then, we will compound our forex earnings by investing in assets that will bring in long term residual gains that will last for generations.

Phase #4


Finally, together, we will take action in creating the change we would like to see in the world.

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Get Special Access to one of the most important video’s in the #YouAreTheIndicator Online Course for FREE!


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$997 - Includes Online Course FREE

If Taken the Online Course. Then In Person Only $500

INTENSE 4 Day Advanced Forex Course

March 28-30th | Miami, FL

Personal Experience you will never forget.

25+ Hours of Total Content

Day 1 - Thursday 5PM – 10PM | 5Hrs

Day 2 - Friday 12PM – 10PM | 10 Hrs

Day 3 - Saturday 12PM – 10PM | 10 Hrs

Day 4 - Sunday 3PM - Till…

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Only $497

At Your Leisure Online Forex Course


50+ Value Packed Recorded Video Tutorials

Lifetime Mentorship

Private Support Group

Private Weekly Peer Mentoring

24 Hour Access To Online Training

Invitation to our yearly #FxOnTheBeach Celebration.

By enrolling today you have helped a child get a course, FREE.

There is no pressure in purchasing our course…

We know, for some, that $500 - $1000 can be a lot of money. That is why we have a 3 Step System. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in making this purchase. What would be the best way to have you feel as comfortable as possible? Give it to you for FREE so you can “test the waters” first. See if we really know what we are doing. Making sure, before hand, you know we can be the group to take you where you want to be trading Forex. So to take full advantage before you get started with our course today make sure you

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What else would there be to think about? What is the worst that could happen? We all have spent more than $500 on something we do not even remember. Think about it lol. What is more expensive; paying $500 for this course or missing out on the money you could be making by truly understanding the markets? You tell me. All I know is we are either going to spend the $500 on this course or losing the $500 testing out “our own strategies” or something we learned in a book or something we learned for free on YouTube.

Make your choice. I got your back. Let’s do this together. Are you ready to get started?

If so…

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A message from our Founder, Philip A. Anglade


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