• How much is the course? Click Here for Details

  • Is it only a one time payment? Or can I make installments?

    • Only one time payment. No installments.

  • I am from another country and the exchange rate is way too different, what can I do?

    • Contact me directly @ philip@fxpronow.com.

      • Subject: I want to purchase the Online Course I live in _______.

        • Show proof in your email.

  • Let’s just say I purchase the Online Course then I want to come to the In Person Course do I have to pay $497 and $997?

    • No, you can pay $497 for the Online Course then just pay the difference of $500 in the “Upgrade” section in the exclusive student portal, The Green Room.

  • What is the duration of the course? Click Here for Details

    • The Online one is pre-recorded and about 10 Hours of content.

      • But it is well edited and condensed where you don't even hear an "Um" lol

      • The In Person Course is a 4 Day - 25 Hour Course

  • When is the Online Course? How many day’s is the online course?

    • The online course is prerecorded videos and you can watch it at any point of time.

  • What makes this course different than all of the other ones?


    • My Response

      • Yes, our main focus to teach you the rules of forex. You will be able to learn at your own pace, step by step. Also you will have the opportunity to learn in a group type fashion, making the learning experience extremely in depth but still fun.

        Although, we believe there is more we can do together. What if we could enjoy our earnings together by traveling the world. What if we could also we will give back to our communities by going into regions that need help and providing that service. Then, have you thought about what are you going to do with all this money you are going to earn? Well, we will also help with that as well by showing you how to invest and build assets that will pay out residually and last through your children’s lifetime.

  • What is the difference between the Online and In Person?


    • My Response

      • It is the same content that will be taught. Although, obviously the In Person is, in person lol you will be able to ask me whatever questions you would like on demand and each section in the Online Course may be 15-30mins. Well in the In Person Course, double it, we will go in a crazy amount of depth where you can be able to visualize what I am talking about. I demand out of each student, “before you walk out these doors you understand everything that is being spoken about and I am not leaving here until you do.” (Actual quote said during a class)