What is our true vision?

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Let’s make our future bright, together.

Here's just a small sampling of some of the projects we are looking to create.


providing true education World-Wide

We are partnering up to make a difference in our future. Through a portion of the funds that come from the people purchasing the #YouAreTheIndicator Course, we will provide forex education to students, for free, to students worldwide. Following the steps of Philip A. Anglade’s family name, College Roger A. Anglade school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We believe that children can use their imagination and real forex knowledge to create true change for generations to come. The question is, how can we show them how to put this knowledge into action? Simply by showing them how to think. Teaching them how to provide value to their fellow man no matter what. Teach them about emotional intelligence, how to handle their excitement and anger. Teach them how to ask great questions. Show them how to problem solve and finish what they start. Simply, reminding them who they really are; innovative and infinite beings that can create anything.

~ OmniGiving Foundation

Providing next generation living

We will obtain our capital through forex, then come together to build assets world-wide. Not just for monetary gain but to provide a lifestyle we have always wanted growing up for others. Imagine a city that you love to be in. You just feel good, people say hi and smile, no traffic and your only worry is “what are we going to do today?

~ OmniLiving Corporation



Imagine recreating the 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed the 5,000 story, but in modern time. Taking our resources, giving thanks, blessing it and creating a miracle. We will go into countries and simulate the ecosystem by harvesting the current landscape creating a thriving forest it. Creating resources like food and shelter from the wood. This land will be rightfully theirs for hundreds of years to come. This will bring a jump start for the regions economy by teaching them how to grow the land, take care of it, build business and teach future generations how to do the same.

~ OmniGrowing Foundation


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