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#YouAreTheIndicator online Course 1.0

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“The End of your forex education…”

“after this, you just do not need anything else”

The #YouAreTheIndicator Course is simple, step by step, and straight to the point with no fluff.
The course was intentionally designed to get your forex education from where it is now to as close to “the end”, as possible. You will now feel true confidence in the markets causing you to become completely independent. The feeling is refreshing and empowering.

7 Bonuses included

  • 50+ Value Packed Recorded video Tutorials

(40 currently, the rest coming in the following weeks)

Whether you're a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to become a Forex Professional Now. Included in the #YouAreTheIndicator Online Course are all of the content in the In Person #YouAreTheIndicator Course.

  • Lifetime Access

Are you busy now? I was too… Buy now and watch when you can. Have instant access to ALL the content FOR LIFE! And the content just keeps coming as Philip is constantly trading, learning, and sharing!

  • Personal Access To Me

    Have a question? Have my personal contact. Ask away!

  • Private Community Support

Instant access to the private Facebook and Telegram group, filled with regular screen shots of what I am currently looking at in the charts (probably the most valuable part of the course).

  • Private weekly peer mentoring

    Weekly we have a private Thursday session only for #YouAreTheIndicator Students.

  • An Exclusive Invitation to the #FxOnTheBeach Celebration Cruise.
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  • Also, Through OmniGiving, For Every Course Purchased We Will Donate A Course Child In Need.
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Here it’s more than just forex; it’s about changing our tomorrow, today.

You can make a difference

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50+ Value Packed Recorded Video Tutorials

Lifetime Mentorship

Private Support Group

Private Weekly Peer Mentoring

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Invitation to our yearly #FxOnTheBeach Celebration.

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